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Garden Soil Nutrients: Give Your Plants a Well-Balanced Diet

Just like people, plants need a variety of soil nutrients for healthy growth and disease resistance. You don't have to have a degree in earth sciences to learn what minerals and nutrients your soil needs. All you need is a decent soil testing kit, a nearby garden supplier, and some wine. Here’s the scoop.

Time to Grow Up! A Planning Guide to Living Walls and Vertical Gardens

You've heard the buzz-phrases: Living walls. Vertical gardens. Green walls. “Vertical gardens” may include anything from trellised vines to freestanding, multi-tiered plant supports, but sometimes the term is applied to the topic at hand: Living (or "green") walls. Here, we’ll cover vertical gardens from top to bottom.

How to Compost: Breaking Down the Basics

You don't have to be a biochemist to understand that compost loosens up compacted soil, helps retain moisture and releases nutrients that feed your plants. Hot tip: Fresh compost always beats store-bought stuff! So, here's an overview of how to compost, how it’s made and applied, and how it helps our gardens grow.

12 Easy Perennials That Need Little (or No) Maintenance

The thing is, you don't have time to spend maintaining your yard. These low-maintenance perennials are perfect for gardeners with better stuff to do. Here are 12 of our favorite easy perennials you can incorporate as the backbone of your landscape design. Plant these for a beautiful garden you can grow on autopilot.

9 Common Mistakes New (and Stubborn) Gardeners Make

No matter how set in your ways you are, and how much you've come up with your own vision for the perfect garden, place function on the same level as form—and do a little homework before you break ground. For your own sanity, avoid these all too common mistakes new gardeners make.

The Best Vegetables to Grow in Small Spaces

We can't all cash in our 401ks to bug out and buy a half dozen acres in the country, but most of us can grow a productive garden on an urban scale. We've selected the best vegetables to grow in small spaces. And for small-scale gardens, we've got a few quick tips for maximizing even the most minimal space.

Yarrow: An All-Around Plant for the Lay-Around Gardener

Yarrow is among our most forgiving, easy-to-grow, versatile ornamentals. These graceful plants will make it look like you slaved in the dirt for hours when in reality, they're the gardener's equivalent to microwave popcorn. Sit back, relax, and start growing yarrow from seed.

Voila! Violas! Growing Viola Cornuta From Seed

We combine pansies (Viola x wittrockiana) with violas on the same catalog page, but aside from their similarities, there's enough of a difference to justify giving violas their own day in the sun (so to speak). If you're into the vibrant colors of pansies, you'll love growing violas from seed.

Zinnias: They're Not Outta Your League

Folks think that because zinnia flowers are so exotic and intricate, they'd be a colossal pain to grow and maintain in the home garden. We're here to shatter that misconception. Here's everything you need to know about successfully growing zinnias from seed.

Here Be Snapdragons!

We always re-imagine dragons as reptiles, and we all know toads are amphibians, right? But toadflax and snapdragons are more closely-related than their common names imply. Here, we'll tell you all about bringing both to life in your garden. Three cheers for growing snapdragons from seed!

Not-So-Floppy-Headed Canadian Milkvetch

When you think of legumes, you're more likely to think of string beans and peas than you are ornamentals. Or maybe you're savvy about pasture plants, and how some vetches help enrich the soil. But we'd like to tell you about Canadian milkvetch, and how you can try growing vetch from seed in your own garden.

The Darlings of the Garden: Growing Sweet Peas from Seed

Sweet peas are the ornamental cousins of the garden legumes we love to munch as part of our early veggie harvest. Where snow peas, sugar peas, and snap peas have similar adorable, lipped flowers and dainty, rounded leaves, sweet peas are bred for their beauty alone. Try growing sweet peas from seed this season!
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