Ivory Seed Envelopes

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Blank seed envelopes are sought after for many reasons. You can save and store seeds in them of course, or even personalize them for use as a gift favor. They are created to retain even the smallest of seeds due to their special design.

Not only are these envelopes great for storing seeds, they can also store other small objects too. These objects might include keys, beads, coins, sd cards and more. Their uncoated finish allows you to write on them with a pen or pencil. You can even print on them with a standard home printer.

Die 2B Key Points

  • Dimensions: 3.25" Wide, by 4.50" Tall. (Sealed)
  • Self sealing latex adhesive. (1/2" Flap)
  • Specially designed to retain even the smallest seeds. (Double folded corners)
  • Customizable / Blank (Front & Back)

Die 13 Key Points

  • Dimensions: 2.56" Wide, by 3.62" Tall. (Sealed)
  • DOES NOT include self sealing latex adhesive.
  • Specially designed to retain even the smallest seeds. (Double folded corners)
  • Customizable / Blank (Front & Back)

      Common Questions

      Question: Are your seeds GMO?
      Answer: Absolutely not! At Seed Needs, we have a strong stance against GMO based seed products. We promise to NEVER knowingly carry, or ship GMO based seed products.

      Question: Are your seeds orgnic? Or do you offer organic seeds?
      Answer: At this time we do not offer certified organic seed varieties. Although some of the seeds in our shop may be from organic suppliers, we do not have the rights label them as such.

      Question: Are your seeds Heirloom?
      Answer: Yes, we carry a diverse selection of heirloom seeds that are sourced from professional growers that are located all over the globe. A small selection of varieties are Hybrids, and are labeled as such on the product listings.

      Question: Are you located within the United States?
      Answer: Yes, we store and ship all of our seeds from New Baltimore, Michigan.

      Question: Do you ship out of the USA?
      Answer: At this time we only ship within the United States. We no longer ship to Canada.

      You may be interested in our article "What are Hybrids, GMO's & Heirlooms?"

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