Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia Seeds (Rudbeckia hirta)

Packet of 90 Seeds

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Single Packet of 90 Seeds

Grow Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia from fresh Rudbeckia hirta flower seeds. Cherry Brandy is a stunning flower that produces deep cherry red blooms atop foliage that grows roughly 24 inches tall. The blooms spread open to a diameter of about 3 or 4 inches wide and are accented by deep, chocolate brown centers. The Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia is popularly chosen to attract beneficial insects to the garden, such as butterflies, bumblebees, ladybugs and even hummingbirds as well.

Categorized as a perennial flowering plant, Rudbeckia will grow the first year from flower seeds and later return the following year from deeply established roots. Cherry Brandy will also make a great cut flower for bouquets & floral arrangements. They are used along fences, as a border plant and even in pots and containers. Deadheading the blooms will extend flowering.

  • Type: Flower
  • Color: Red
  • Height: 24" Tall
  • Width: 12" Spread
  • Season: Perennial
  • Zones: 3 to 9
  • Environment: Full sun

Rudbeckia seeds are very easy to establish from flower seeds. They can be sown indoors or directly outdoors. If started indoors, sow in peat pots, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost, at a depth of 1/16” under topsoil. The seeds are sown at a shallow depth because light is required for successful germination. Transplant or direct sow outdoors when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed.

Rudbeckia plants will enjoy an area that receives full sunlight for the majority of the day, with temperatures of at least 70F. They also prefer a soil that is rich but also well draining as well. For areas with hard compact soil, it is recommended to mix in compost to improve drainage. Water daily with a light water setting so that the soil is kept moist until germination has occurred.

Seeds will begin to germinate within 7 to 14 days after sowing. The plants will reach a mature height of around 12 to 36 inches tall. Space plants about 12 to 18 inches apart from one another. Black-Eyed Susan will attract an array of beneficial insects, such as butterflies and bumblebees. They also make an excellent cut flower and can be used in flower beds, borders & containers.

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