Giant Pumpkin Duo

2 Individual Seed Packets

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Be warned, these Pumpkins grow to a massive weight of 100+ pounds, if they are given the correct fertilizer and nutrients. Our Giant Pumpkin Duo includes 2 packages of seeds. Atlantic Giant and Pacific Giant. Both of which contain 10 seeds per packet.

Plants & Vines

A few words of advice... The more space the better with these guys. The vines of these giants will trail the earth, taking up as much as 25 feet of land. The plants can grow to about 2 or 3 feet tall, and each plant will produce at least 1 to 2 fruits, if the female flower is pollinated by the male flower. (This is very important to achieve fruits)

Check out our blog article for in depth instructions and best practices for growing these beloved Autumn fruits.

(10 Seeds)

Atlantic Giant is easily grown in the Summer months, when the sun is out, the temperatures are high, and the weather is dry. That's not to say that these plants don't need their fair share of water though! The fruits themselves can range anywhere between 200 to 300 pounds and display a rough, bumpy orange skin. Ready for harvest in roughly 125 days after the first sprouts appear.

(10 Seeds)

Pacific Giant is just as large as it's partner above. The fruits can gain the same weight and are not far off in color, but tend to be a bit lighter of an orange. Pacific Giant Pumpkins are ready for harvest in about the same amount of time as well, 125 days.


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