Lavender Seed Collection

3 Individual Seed Packets

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Lavender is an herb that is often used for it's essential oils. It is both beautiful & fragrant, and if grown in the right place, it can leave you with lasting blooms through the entire summer. This collection of Lavender herbs consists of 4 individual packets of Lavender, and measure 3.25" wide by 4.50" tall.

Lavender is categorized as a perennial flowering herb. Perennials will form a deep root system in their initial year of growth, which will allow the plants to return yearly, after all danger of frost has passed.

(500 Seeds)

Munstead is an early blooming variety of Lavender, which produces violet colored blooms. These sweetly scented flowers are more compact than Hidcote, or English Lavender, only growing to a mature height of roughly 12 to 18 inches tall. The blooms are known to attract all sorts of beneficial insects to the garden, such as butterflies, bumblebees, honeybees and hummingbirds as well. Popularly grown in many insectaries and butterfly gardens, Munstead Lavender can also be used as a border plant, along driveways, fences and sidewalks.

(500 Seeds)

Spike Lavender offers an extremely strong scent, which surpasses other Lavender strains. The plants will mature to a height of roughly 12 to 30 inches tall, producing small, violet colored blooms along it's thin green stems. Spike Lavender doesn't only smell great, it is also very attractive as well. The plants are often seen in many home gardens, as well as parks, zoos and other natural sceneries.

(500 Seeds)

Vera Lavender is thought to be the "True English Lavender" and is sought after for it's fragrance and medicinal values. Lavandula angustifolia has been used for it's high level of fragrance for centuries. It can be found in all sorts of perfumes and potpourris and is also used in poultices, to relieve soreness and inflammation as well. The plants themselves reach a mature height of roughly 30 inches tall, displaying clusters of beautiful, purple colored flowers. These beauties will flower through the mid summer months, attracting all sorts of beneficial insects to the garden, such as butterflies, bumblebees, honeybees and hummingbirds. This makes Vera Lavender a perfect choice for insectaries and butterfly gardens.

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