Mountain Phlox Seeds (Linanthus grandiflorus)

Packet of 1,000 Seeds


Single Packet of 1,000 Seeds

Grow a garden filled with Mountain Phlox flowers, from freshly harvested Linanthus grandiflorus wildflower seeds. Mountain Phlox is an elegant wildflower, that produces white to light pink, almost lavender colored blooms. The flowers are about 1 inch in diameter, sitting above red stems and slender, green leaves. The plants originate in many of the Western states, including California. Growing to a mature height of about 12 to 24 inches tall, Mountain Phlox is an excellent choice for flower beds and borders, or in a naturalized setting as well. Linanthus grandiflorus is known to attract an array of beneficial insects to the garden, such as butterflies, bumblebees, honeybees & hummingbirds.

Categorized as an annual flowering plant, Mountain Phlox will grow quickly from freshly harvested wildflower seeds. The plants bloom through the summer months, up until late fall, later wilting with the first killing frost. The seeds of these beautiful flowers can drop to the bare ground beneath at the end of the Autumn season, regrowing fresh, new plant life the following Spring. You can also collect the seeds from the flower heads, after all blooms have dried and wilted.

  • Type: Flower
  • Color: White / Pink
  • Height: 12" to 24" Tall
  • Width: 8" to 12" Spread
  • Season: Annual
  • Zones: 3 to 10
  • Environment: Full Sun / Partial Shade

Phlox seeds can be started either indoors, or directly outdoors as well. If started indoors, sow in peat pots, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Sow at a depth of 1/16" under topsoil. The seeds will require a bit of direct light to germinate, so you don't want to bury them too deep. Transplant entire peat pots, or direct sow into the garden when all danger of frost has passed and the weather has warmed.

Mountain Phlox will thrive in an area of full sunlight to partial shade. Temperatures should be kept at around 70F. Phlox isn't a picky on soil conditions, just as long as the medium is well draining. To increase your drainage, we recommend adding a light compost to any areas that consist of hard, compact soil. Water the seeds daily, with a light mist setting until germination has occurred.

Mountain Phlox seeds will typically take 7 to 10 days to germinate successfully. The plants can grow to a mature height of 12 to 24 inches tall and can be spaced about 12 inches apart from one another. The white to pink flowers will bloom through the summer months, attracting an array of beneficial insects to the garden. Mountain Phlox is perfect for flower beds & raised beds and also in a naturalized setting, by the masses.

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