Robinson's Mix Pyrethrum (Tanacetum coccineum)

Packet of 500 Seeds

Single Packet of 500 Seeds

This seed packet measures 3.25″ wide by 4.50" tall and includes a clear & colorful illustration on the front. It also includes detailed seed sowing instructions on the reverse side as well. All seeds sold by Seed Needs are Non-GMO products and are intended for the current and the following growing season. All seeds are produced from open pollinated plants, stored in a temperature controlled facility and are constantly moved out due to popularity.

Product Description

Grow Pyrethrum from fresh Tanacetum coccineum flower seeds. Pyrethrum, Robinson's Mix will produce fairly long stemmed plants that grow to a mature height of roughly 24 inches tall. This mixture contains colors of rose, pink & red, accented by bright yellow centers. The blooms are single and semi-double petaled and are greatly used in bouquets and floral arrangements as a cut flower.

Grown as a perennial flowering plant, the Pyrethrum will establish from fresh flower seeds. They grow & bloom profusely, later wilting with the first killing frost, only to return the following year from deeply established roots. Pyrethrum is fairly easy to care for and does best in zones 3 to 7.

Sowing The Seed

Pyrethrum seeds can be started indoors in peat pots, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Sow at a shallow depth of roughly 1/16" under topsoil so that the seeds will receive direct light to germinate properly. Sow directly outdoors or transplant when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed.

Growing Conditions

Pyrethrum will enjoy an area of full sunlight for the majority of the day. They will thrive in temperatures of about 68F or above. A rich soil is recommended, however make sure that it is well draining as well. To improve drainage, mix a light compost with any hard, compacted soil. Water daily so that the soil is moist until germination has occurred.

Germination & Growth

Your seeds will begin to germinate in as little as 7 to 14 days after sowing. The plants reach a mature height of 24 inches tall and can be spaced about 12 to 18 inches apart. Robinson's mixture produces beautiful pink, red and rose colored blooms. Pyrethrum makes a great cut flower due to their long stems.

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