Candy stripe Zinnia

Candy Stripe Zinnia Mixture (Zinnia elegans)

Packet of 250 Seeds
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Single Packet of 250 Seeds

This seed packet measures 3.25″ wide by 4.50" tall and includes a clear & colorful illustration on the front. It also includes detailed seed sowing instructions on the reverse side as well. All seeds sold by Seed Needs are Non-GMO products and are intended for the current and the following growing season. All seeds are produced from open pollinated plants, stored in a temperature controlled facility and are constantly moved out due to popularity.

Product Description

Grow Candy Stripe Zinnia from fresh Zinnia elegans flower seeds. Candy Stripe Mixture will produce beautiful blooms with speckled spots and streaks. No single Zinnia flower is the same as the next, each flower is unique and has it's own markings. The mixture contains main colors of yellow, red, orange & white, with mainly red or white streaks and spots on the petals. Grown as an annual flowering plant, the Zinnia flower will grow quickly, bloom profusely and later die with the first killing frost. Each plant grows to a mature height of roughly 30 inches tall.

This particular strain will grow semi-long stems which makes for a great cut flower. You can use it in floral arrangements and bouquets. The blooms should flower in roughly 75 to 90 days after first sprouts appear.

You might be shocked to learn that Zinnias weren't always so popularly chosen to please the eye. In fact, when the Spanish first discovered the Zinnia, they named it "mal de ojos," which simply translates to "Sickness of the eye". However, over many years of breeding, the Zinnia flower has become eye candy for gardeners all over the world. It is sought after for it's gorgeous double blooms, attractive foliage, and brightly colored petals. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that we carry over 25 Zinnia flower seeds in our online shop. Check out the Zinnia category for all sorts of popular favorites, such as "Purple Prince" or "Candystripe". You will also find a large selection of the rest of the Dahlia Flowered collection as well.

Sowing The Seed

Zinnias are not particularly fond of being transplanted. However, if you are looking to start them indoors, it is recommended to sow them in peat pots, so that the entire pot can be transplanted later on to prevent root shock. If started outdoors, be sure to turn the soil, or throw down new soil in it's place. Sow the seeds when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed, at a shallow depth of 1/4" under topsoil.

Growing Conditions

Zinnias will prefer an area of full sunlight with temperatures that exceed 60F. Although they are adaptable, it is best to use a soil that is humus rich, and fertile. Drainage is crucial, so replacing any hard, compact soil with a fresh mixture of compost is recommended. Water daily so that the soil remains moist until germination occurs.

Germination & Growth

Your Zinnias will begin to emerge in roughly 7 to 10 days after sowing. The plants will reach a mature height of about 30 inches tall and can be spaced roughly 12 inches apart from one another. The Candy Stripe Mixture will produce beautiful and unique flowers. No single bloom is the same as the next. Colors include: white, red, orange and yellow. Each flower is marked by spots, blotches and streaks of color.