Caraway Herb Seeds (Carum carvi)

Packet of 600 Seeds
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Single Packet of 600 Seeds

This seed packet measures 3.25″ wide by 4.50" tall and includes a clear & colorful illustration on the front. It also includes detailed seed sowing instructions on the reverse side as well. All seeds sold by Seed Needs are Non-GMO products and are intended for the current and the following growing season. All seeds are produced from open pollinated plants, stored in a temperature controlled facility and are constantly moved out due to popularity.

Product Description

Grow a garden filled with aromatic Caraway herbs, from freshly harvested Carum carvi seeds. Caraway seed will produce plants that reach a mature height of 18 to 24 inches tall. Each plant displays fine, feathery leaves, accented with white or pink flowers, formed in umbels. The plants are known to attract an array of beneficial insects during the summer months, when the blooms are open.

Caraway is categorized as a biennial flowering herb, which establishes itself quickly, within the first growing season. The plants then wilt on the surface, when the first killing frost arrives. Each plant will then later return the following year, from deeply established roots, growing on the surface to produce it's flowers and seed. Caraway seeds can be collected from the dried blooms, a few short weeks after the flowers have withered and dried.

Sowing The Seed

Caraway seeds can be started indoors, or directly outdoors as well. If started indoors, sow the seeds in peat pots, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Sow them at a shallow depth of 1/16" under topsoil, to allow direct sunlight to reach the seeds. This is crucial to the germination process of Caraway. Transplant or direct sow outdoors, when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed.

Growing Conditions

Caraway herbs will thrive in an area of full sunlight, and prefers a warm temperature of 70F or more. The soil should be fertile, and rich in organic matter. You will also want to make sure that your sowing medium is well drained. To improve your drainage, we recommend adding a light compost to any areas that consist of hard, compact soil. Water the seeds daily with a light mist setting to provide ample moisture without disturbing the seeds.

Germination & Growth

Caraway seeds typically take anywhere between 7 to 21 days to successfully germinate, if optimal conditions are met. The plants will reach a mature height of roughly 18 to 24 inches tall and can be spaced about 12 to 18 inches apart. Caraway will produce aromatic plants that produce pink to white colored flowers, during it's second lifecycle.